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April 2011

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I've always been creative and as a child I tended to be located in a peaceful place wielding some kind of drawing device, making marks or else making a mess! Today I am a rather versatile artist who enjoys both sketching and painting. After years of using acrylics, I became intrigued by the opportunities presented by oil paints and I've been hooked ever since! Since creating my first painting in oils in August 2016 I've realised there's no going back! My style varies depending on my mood and chosen subject matter, however, the majority of my work tends to comprise vibrant colours and rich textures. I fervently believe that art is meant to be fun and free so I embrace it on that basis and if someone likes one of my creations that is absolutely wonderful! I gained an A grade in my Art GCSE and a C at A Level Art in 2002 at William Bradford Community College, Leics. I then studied English at Nottingham Trent University and obtained a First in my English BA (hons) I have had my art displayed in several exhibitions and was shortlisted in an art competition by MIND. The stated sizes of my artworks are approximations and the main canvas sizes I utilise are 20"x16", 16"x12" and 12"x9". I like my art to be affordable and accessible in the hope that it can reach more people. My aim is to release my art from the studio to be displayed on the walls of others, to become a part of people's homes where it can be appreciated, enjoyed and loved.


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The artwork reflects my original visions of Gollum from the book, before the films were released

Submitted by Michael C 07/03/2013


I would give the service more than 5 if I could. Excellent response to my password problems

Submitted by Michael C 07/03/2013