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United Kingdom

September 2015

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Nadia Rivera

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My mother is Polish and father Peruvian, I have been lucky to be raised in both countries, I am in deeply love with the Peruvian culture and cuisine but I always love going back to Poland as that was where I was born. My adventure with art started early years of my childhood. I have always wanted to become an architect like my father but found my love for art and painting. I graduated with a BA in Ceramics and dabbled in a bit of photography. I then went on to study New Media Art at the Polish- Japanese Institute of Computer and now I work as a website and graphic designer. I paint when I have the urge to and my paintings mainly focus on animals as they bring a smile to my life. I am currently based in Manchester.


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Submitted by Matti 23/04/2016


Service was really helpful. My local courier messed up the delivery, but you were able to clear things up. Thank you

Submitted by Matti 23/04/2016