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I Have had my work exhibited in Tokyo and Hong Kong for the Cocacola Festival. As well as that I exhibited my work for sale at the arts and crafts fair in Edinburgh and go up and down the UK show casing my work in art fairs.

United Kingdom

Art and Graphics Degree- Bachelor
Love all things arty and creative its my thing.
I Work as Front end developer and graphic designer and artist since 2002.

September 2020

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The Artist

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The Artist Welcome to a world of Digital Art, Photography, and Mixed Media. This is Sophisticated Contemporary Modern Design and Taste. He offers Exceptional Digital Art and Mixed Media large pieces of limited 10 Piece Editions. He looks at the shape of the relationship between shape and perspective he adds vibrant colors and his use of the color palette is exceptional. His understanding of light and dark gives great depth to his works. Great for collectors or art lovers that want to own art that is on the edge of illusion 3D Art colorful and vibrant just the wonderful oddly different you been looking for. To many artists, these days can offer you the art of clouds sky or that infinite splashy art as abstract art. The Artist has pieces that break the boundaries of 2d to 3d dimensional with added perspective and bold colors his pieces would make a room a talking point the work is tasteful yet unique. The Artist has been producing artworks since 1998 he has shown his works in a number of different modern art galleries in Scotland. He is a trending artist With a wonderful touch on art. His bold works of color need to be seen to be admired. Thanks for looking at the Art If you have any questions or would like a commission piece get in touch.


Sometimes Art Is In The Unseen


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