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United Kingdom

May 2014

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Monique Grant-Patel

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Monique studied her Fine Art degree at UCE Birmingham, in 1995, then went onto study her PGCE in 1998. She taught Textiles, Art and Food over a period of 14 years.. In July 2011 Monique was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, and took time out to be healed and recover from the illness. It was in this season she decided to pursue her art career again. Monique feels she has the opportunity to live and appreciate her life even more. She looks through the glasses of life with clear vision and intends to be free in her venture of being an artist. Monique believes her artworks carry a healing quality. And has been told by many customers that they have experienced healing and spiritual freedom when viewing her artworks and photography. Monique has chosen to work using many different medias and loves a variety of genres. She currently loves to paint in gloss, acrylics and oils. She sells many prints from these and has also begun her love of photography again. Some of Monique's works are now sold on mugs, notebooks and journals.


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