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United Kingdom

July 2017

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Miranda Net

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I have loved art and many forms of creativity since I was a child. I did art throughout school, but choose to not pursue it at university because I did not want my creative flow to be hindered by rigid marking criterias and tickboxes containing what successful art was. However, my love of art never went away and I continued painting. Nowadays, when I create art, I focus on what excites me the most and brings me most joy. This usually involves vibrant and strong colours and landscapes; and creating interesting light sources and reflective surfaces with paint. I love discovering new techniques with paint; such as using interference and iridescent paints, and also a variety of mediums. I usually paint in oils or acrylics, but also sometimes in watercolours. I am refreshed by nature and travel, and so these are two great sources of inspiration for my work. I work mainly in an abstracted style, wanting the colours and movement in paintings to be as exciting as possible, so my paintings can also be impressionistic and expressionistic in style.


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