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United Kingdom

October 2019

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Mine T.Albertyn

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I am a freestyle artist who is passionate about original art and movements of colours. Throughout my education life art was the favourite subject but my professional career took different route until I realised I can’t hold it back any longer, especially receiving huge support and encouragement from friends and family I decided to create my home studio in Surrey and since then it became my favourite space in the whole world. When I decided to sell my paintings, I sold many of them through social media and various online platforms within a short period of time which has highly boosted my confidence. My work is mainly abstract, contemporary and rich textured paintings. It’s all about colour movements, land, sea and sky however never limit my self with a specific style. I love exploring and whatever inspires me I would apply it on to my canvas. I paint with various mediums and materials. My favourite mediums are artist quality oil and acrylic paints as well as resin. I particularly love oils and resin as I can’t resist their flawless move, shine and clarity. My paintings are always completed with a few layers of exhibition varnish or resin to protect them. Thank you so much for taking interest in my paintings.



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