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April 2018

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Mike McHugh

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My photographic experience and knowledge has come from a journey of discovery over the years and the desire to learn something new that will not only satisfy the urge to learn but also embroider my creative spirit . I look for something different, unusual, unique and quirky that hopefully will make people say.....well...not maybe a ...'wow'...but perhaps..ooh..that's good! I have an interest in Landscape, in Portrait, in Street or Urban photography, but not that much as to get the blood racing...and I can do them all pretty well and maybe could win or get placed in these competitions a lot of folks enter, but I'd much prefer to market and share my Art in anyway that I can. Stroking my creative side has led me down the path of waterdrop photography. Waterdrop or Watersplash, or as I prefer to call it 'Liquid Art' is a relatively new technique in popular photography that can be totally addictive. No two photographs are ever going to be the same because the liquids are totally unpredictable, and you just do not know what you have captured until you look at the result. I am a great believer in sharing knowledge, in being unselfish and passing on the things that I have learned about photography in the belief that it may enthuse others and release the creative spirit we all possess. So for those that wish to stroke their creative self, head over to www.screamingpixels.co.uk and read the blog pages - a little bit about 'Waterdrop' photography.



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