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March 2018

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Mike Brown

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I love painting. I love the whole process of having an idea, being inspired, creating a composition, working on the painting's production and then selling. It's a very personal activity and it therefore is immensely satisfying when someone likes a picture enough to purchase it and have it in his/her home. I paint in oils because I enjoy the strong tonal contrasts they can give which, in turn, help create a solidity to my paintings. My usual subject matter is the landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales and Moors; these are areas I know well and love for their unspoilt beauty. There is a view worthy of capture at almost every turn. The challenge to me is to convey to the viewer a sense of location and atmosphere. My paintings can appear to be detailed and realistic but I do not opt for a photo-realistic approach; instead I enjoy playing with the illusion of detail which can be created in different ways. Although landscapes have been the main body of my work I also enjoy other challenges, for example group portraits and the seasons. I've painted a number of double or even triple portraits in which I have tried to capture not just the likeness but also the relationship between the sitters. I hope that these paintings suggest that there is a story behind the faces. Living in the country means it is impossible to be unaware of the changing seasons and it is always a pleasure to convey aspects of those changes in my painting. Over the years I have sold many prints as well as the majority of my originals. These sales have been through exhibitions, galleries and various local events. I'm pleased to say that I have paintings on every continent (except Antarctica!). My aim, now, is to develop more online. I hope you enjoy the paintings and thanks for your interest.


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