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United Kingdom

April 2017

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Mike Berend

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I am a self-taught painter, I started fashion illustrations and now my work is based on pointillism. I am influenced by the 19th-century artists Seurat and Signac. My world in my paintings is in the countryside. I often use variations of greens blues and reds, it gives the paintings a special glowing effect. My desire is to create vibrant colors, depth foliage, and light. It gives me goals to work with. I find my inspiration is in nature. I paint from my inner self which conveys thoughtfulness. My Landscapes are mixed into the abstract to impressionism. Nature provides solitude, peacefulness. A tree, sun, the sky can all be interpreted in different ways. I was born in London, my parents were Hungarians'. My Dad managed to go to the UK for work just after WW2 and set up home in London. In those days Hungary was under the Soviet regime. My Mum crossed the border from Hungary into Austria. She then came to the UK and settled in London with my Dad and then I was born. I went to several schools in the UK. Eventually, I landed up with my second wife in West Wales. A few years ago I then taught myself how to Paint. I hope you enjoy looking at my work. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to send me a message in the contact section or telephone me.


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