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College,work design engineer.

December 2018

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Mike Barber

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A self taught artist, although I will visit professional artists from time to time and maybe gather inspiration and knowledge. I have had several exhibitions over the years, together with a permanent show case at a local craft center. Every so often I will attempt to copy a picture of one of the artists that I admire,artists such as A.J.Munnings,Archibald Thorburn or my favorite impressionist Edgar Degas (why he is called an impressionist I am not sure but he is ,so be it).By copying any of the great artists whether traditional ,modern or from any genre you can derive a certain amount of knowledge and technique together with the fun of the comparison.


As mentioned a self taught artist and have painted and drawn from an early age.My first artistic achievement was at the age of 11 years when "Brook Bond" the tea processors sponsored a schools art competion.The finished piece of art was to depict a scene where tea was being taken,I came first with a book token as a prize,I have painted ever since depending upon time available.My occupation during most of my working life has been as a free lance design engineer,I am now winding down and spending a little more time on my artwork.I like to vary the subjects I paint,I will paint a landscape and then move on to a wild life subject and at the same time possibly changing the medium I am working in.The variety and the challenge of changing mediums are some of the things l enjoy about artwork.I hope you enjoy the works that are on my pages.


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