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United Kingdom

June 2010

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Mike Bagshaw

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Mike Bagshaw is a Salford Lad. When he was at school he was taken under the wing of the great Salford painter Harold Riley. He spent some time as an art student in Leicester and London, but realised he wasn’t going to make a living at that. So he did a degree in psychology, and then worked as a prison psychologist, before moving into commerce and becoming a business psychologist. Since 2000 he’s being pursuing art again. He has focused on portraits because of the link with his psychology work. He is a strong advocate for life drawing and regularly attends a local life drawing group in Evesham. He is still a business psychologist, but freelance now, living on the edge of the Cotswolds, and spending more time in his studio. Mike also enjoys the occasional foray into surreal, landscape, and still life paintings. He is happy to take commissions.


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