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United Kingdom

October 2015

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Mihai Paul

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Mihai, 29, is a self-learned artist based in the city of London. With appearances in several art and literature magazine issues and art venues across the city, since his debut at the age of 23, his body of work is what some would call a glimpse behind the curtain of life. “The introduction of art into my life represented a major shift of attention from the outside world to the inner universe that revolves silently around every action, reaction and thought that I have. It brought my awareness upon the very thin silver lining of most situations that I am given to witness; I am now able to perceive the beautiful aspect of life in almost every circumstance, even if at a first glance there is a tragic coat around it. When I am in front of a canvas or blank piece of paper I observe how a creative force from within is taking charge or my movements, to some degree transforming merely into a spectator to this marvellous manifestation where consequently I become also the created. I witness how my inner world, with all its intricacies, feelings and hidden – even to myself – meanings, comes to life and becomes a reality for my intellect to better observe and understand itself. Thus, in no time, my practice of art and writing alike became my main tools for comprehending and healing myself. With it, however, another façade of life surfaced – the concept that everything is at the disposal of the awareness that is observing it; that beauty, as the proverb goes, is in the eye of the beholder. It is my sincere desire to develop the ability to infuse my readers and viewers with the same awe that I hold for the world we live in, and that so beautifully manifests in front of our very eyes.” For more of his work visit www.innerartist.co.uk



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