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Mick Rafferty has exhibited in several locations in the UK including three times at The University of Warwick, Coventry University, Upton House in Poole, Leamington Spa, Earlsdon, Huntingdon, Bristol, Banbury, Hoxton, Varenna; Italy, Malvern Theatre, Knapp Gallery Regents Park, Gallery150 Leamington Spa, Moreton in the Marsh, The Beetroot Tree Gallery Derbyshire, Portico Gallery Sevenoaks. Kent. Works are in private and corporate collections in London, Scotland, West Germany. Portugal, North America and Holland.

United Kingdom

M. A. Fine Art Coventry University 1998

June 2008

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Mick Rafferty

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My art practice is often described as eclectic. I don't believe that pursuing just one particular route of development or subject matter is the best means of progression. There exist many commonalities, shared perspectives and adaptable aesthetic and theoretical values applicable to most aspects of art production. I regard it as a challenge to work within a variety of subjects, approaches and media whilst achieving consistent and successful results. Gerhardt Richter wrote that successful production of art is a series of not quites and a yes at the end . A wonderfully simple deion of a viable artistic process. Mick Rafferty has exhibited in several locations in the UK, half of these One Man Shows, at locations including University of Warwick, Coventry University, Upton House; Poole, Leamington Spa, Earlsdon Huntingdon Bristol Banbury Hoxton, Varenna Italy, Malvern, The Knapp Gallery, Regents Park. Moreton in the Marsh, Riverside Kent and Boundary Gallery Cardiff . Education: 1972 Dip.A.D. Canterbury College of Art: 1990 Post Graduate Certificate of Education: 1998 Masters Degree in Fine Art, Coventry University.


“…….. Rafferty has an abiding fascination for grids, divisions, compartments, frames, angles, layers, and lines; for the way these classic ways of organising and ordering a design can achieve an aesthetic harmony and beauty in their own right and a preoccupation with surface and depth – with substrata and the sedimentation of different levels” “……..these surfaces do not seek to capture a moment in time, to freeze-frame it or fix it dead like a fly in amber; nor do they present themselves as a finished product, the end result of a project successfully completed. Rather, in demonstrating production as process, they seek to honour the experience of time as it is lived through”.


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