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November 2016

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Michel Singh

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I was brought up in the Netherlands, have traveled a lot in Europe, Brasil, India and America. For the last 10 years I am engaged in the sale and purchase of art products (such as paintings). Since childhood I was always fond of working with technology such as motor engineering, wood and metal, painting and so on. Recently I am more occupied with mixed media art. To paint is to tell what I feel. I work with acrylic paint on canvas, wood, metal, gold, silver, copper, aluminium, and of course I am familiar with the different mediums, and the use of palette knives and brushes. I have a different style of mostly abstract art. I can make objects of wood or metal, but do mostly abstract art for display on the wall. Paintings on high-quality canvas or wood, provided with a relief on the basis of different materials. Among other with the familiar mediums but also precious metals, swarofski, aluminum and wood.


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