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Promoted and exhibited by Hatton Gallery, Northern Print and North of England Art Club

United Kingdom

Part-time study at Newcastle University

October 2020

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Michael Lilley

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Michael Lilley is a gifted portrait artist. He has a fascination for intriguing faces. Inspired by his passion for classical drawing, his substantial portfolio conveys a depth of drama and emotion. Working in graphite, he is a master of intricate line and the subtle use of light and shade. Michael loves to uncover a hidden layer in his subjects, maybe sadness or a darker side to their story. His exclusive silkscreen prints raise his art to another level. Working from the original graphite drawing, he uses the finest papers and inks. He hand-pulls each individual colour to build up the image in layers. Each composition is hand-finished and unique.


I'm fascinated by faces full of drama and emotion. Life's challenges often leave a mark.


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