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United Kingdom

O level art
Diploma Landscape Studies Design & Construction
Advanced National Certificate in Horticulture

February 2021

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I have always been interested in art, drawing and painting from a young age and throughout my adult life. I achieved an O level in art and when I left school completed the first year foundation of a BA in fine art. I then studied horticulture and landscaping which is where I have worked for most of my life. Over the last couple of years I have been able to paint more and develop my love of art and express myself through my artwork, I work in watercolour and get incredible joy from painting which is captured in my work. I love walking in the countryside and like painting the elements, trees and nature. I like to use my imagination and allow what comes through me onto paper to develop naturally. Art to me is similar to meditation, when I paint I meditate, living in the moment, there is no time. I hope you enjoy my paintings.


My paintings reflect my feelings .


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