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United Kingdom

January 2007

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Michael Gutteridge

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"Michael Gutteridge is an artist who lives and breathes Manchester. Born and discovered in the city, the eclectic urban landscape forms chief subject of his paintings. Drawing from stimuli such as music and psychology, Gutteridge brings together disparate influences to capture the vibrancy and multi-valence of Manchester. His distinctive style relies on techniques of distortion and juxtaposition to create expressionist and surreal depictions of the city’s architecture, as well as conveying social facets of life in Manchester. Gutteridge regularly exhibits in galleries throughout Manchester and the North West. An exhibition at The Portico Library & Gallery is scheduled for 2005." - Inside+Out Magazine 2004. Exhibitions<br> Stockport Metropolitan Borough Art Gallery, 2000.<br> Stockport Metropolitan Borough Art Gallery, 2001.<br> The Octagon Theatre, Bolton, 2004.<br> Adlington Village Hall, Cheshire, 2004.,br> The Bowdon Rooms, Altrincham, Cheshire, 2004.<br> The Big Heath, Knutsford, 2004.<br> The Cheshire Show, Tabley, June 2004.<br> Macclesfield Town Hall, Macclesfield Cheshire, September 2004.<br> Manchester Art Show, G-Mex, Manchester, October 2004.<br> The Portico Library & Gallery, Manchester, September 2005. The Blyth Gallery, Manchester, January 2007. Stockport Art Gallery Open Exhibition, July 2007. The Portico Library & Gallery, Manchester, May 2008. Firbob & Peacock Gallery, Knutsford, Cheshire, September 2008


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