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United Kingdom

September 2015

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Michael Craig Barritt

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Michael currently has a studio at The Artworks in his hometown, Halifax, West Yorkshire UK. His work is simply about 'The Paint', alternating between both oils and enamels to create unique, colourful, contemporary, abstract paintings, which are visually powerful and striking to the viewer. He takes his inspiration from images of structures, landscapes, weather patterns and his personal experiences. Dependent upon his thought process, he instinctively works with the paint to create shapes and patterns with a palette of rich and vivid blends of colours. After reflection, he then goes on to develop these further, working towards a unique and original final composition. When painting with enamels he adapts rapid hand gestures, using his energy with his favourite tools, a 'Plasterers Float' and a 'Builders Trowel'. By both allowing and controlling the flow and mix of paints, dramatic, visually pleasing paintings are created. In addition he has started to experiment with a range of mixed media materials to create different surfaces and textures. Michael has commenced abstracting images from his work, to produce a range of fine quality prints, both open and limited edition. His print 'Prosopon' is currently displayed on the Saatchi on-line gallery in London. Michael has researched many artists and takes inspiration from artists such as Mark Rothko, Gerhard Richter, Max Ernst, Serge Poliakoff, Paul Klee, Gino Severina, Giacomo Balla, and Umberto Bocciono. He continues to develop his artistic practice and to produce work, which continues to be both visually powerful and creates an impact on all of those who view his work. He has have exhibited my work at, Barclays Bank Canary Wharf The Artworks Halifax Bankfield Museum Halifax Dean Clough Halifax PS Mirabel Manchester



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