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United Kingdom

September 2015

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Matt Dale

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I was born and brought up in the Kent country side in the South East of England. I have always been very interested in art and have been drawing for as long as I could remember and then finally getting in to painting when I started my GCSE exams in 2006 and never looked back! I started to gain more experience with different paints and seemed to be improving all the time which lead to me studying Art for my A levels. After I finished my exams and left school my art was put on the back burner for a while as I took a year out to decide on my future and eventually went to university to study Graphic Design. Although it was not art, I still felt I was in a very creative industry and I loved it!! In 2011 I got my first design job for a print and design company. This was a great opportunity for me and I progressed very quickly up the ranks to my current position of Studio and Operations Manager. After I started my job and moved in to my first house I started to get back in to painting and re established my love for art! Over the next year I was increasingly being commissioned by family and friends to produce their paintings. I have been taking on all commissions within reason and mainly specialising in landscapes, city scenes, nature, pets, comic art, illustration and sports in either acrylic, oil or watercolours. Recently I have made the transition to Digital Art using Procreate on the Ipad Pro and I absolutely love the flexibility this offers me being able to pick up and go whenever I want and have started to develop my own style using this method which you can see in my work currently for sale.



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