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United Kingdom

January 2012

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Mary Ann Day

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Mary Ann, who has been painting for as long as she can remember, has been a contestant in the 2016 Sky Landscape Artist of the Year competition. A self-taught artist who has, over the years attended numerous workshops, some by eminent artists themselves, Mary Ann has experimented with different styles and textures. She says she is “travelling on an artistic journey that continues on a never ending roller coaster of discovery." "I am excited by the magic of paint and never cease to be amazed at the level of complexity and versatility just one brushstroke can achieve," she says. Her home country, the UK, has been inspirational in her artistic development. Recently the red earth of Australia and the azure of the sea have been feeding her endless curiosity for subject matter to put to canvas. Mary Ann has featured in several local art exhibitions in London and Hertfordshire. Currently, Mary Ann has been experimenting with thick layers of paint laid on with a palette knife, using bold, bright colours, depicting a series of scenes showing everyday people at play or at work, on the beach or among their friends, catching them momentarily in a scene as if through candid camera. Mary Ann continues to paint with both brush and palette knife. She has also allowed her long-standing fascination with the sea to come through her work, developing a series of colourful coastal scenes, reflecting her fascination with wind-lashed islands such as Hawaii and Fiji, where the sun sets in a bright red-gold glow and the palm trees sway in the tropical breeze. You can almost feel the breeze brushing your face as you take in the bright exotic colours, following humbly in the giant footsteps of the trail left by the likes of Gaugin and Cezanne. "Colour is the key to my work," she explains. "Without colour life would be a very dull place. I feel my job is to project that colour on to walls in generous, daring quantities, providing an uplifting and happy interlude for the viewer."


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