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United Kingdom

February 2018

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Martin Vallis

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Studied Visual Communication at Medway College of Art and Design from 1976-79, and moved to London in 1980. After working as a photographic assistant to commercial photographer Gary Bryan for 3 years, he decided to set up his own studio in Chelsea in 1983, specialising in high quality still life photography, working in the areas of Advertising, Design and Editorial. He also shot stills on commercials, working primarily with directors Howard Guard and Ridley Scott (Alien/Blade Runner). Some of his clients included, British Airways, BMW, Volkswagen and Selfridges to name a few. While working in the commercial world his style began to evolve, leading to primarily tightly cropped, close up work, using effective lighting, mostly Tungsten, to bring out texture and detail. Throughout his career his style has changed, though there has been the ever-constant preference for simple images of solitary objects that reflect texture and shape, less is more he says. We spend so much time looking for the ‘Big Picture’ that we miss the ‘Beauty of Simplicity’. He also feels that it says something about him, a deeply felt sense of isolation, solitude and emptiness but he’s eager to add he now knows those feelings are more to do with his condition rather than the reality.


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