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United Kingdom

March 2008

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Martin Rolt

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TESTIMONIAL from actor Adrian Lester : Hello Martin, I wasn't sure I wanted to buy a painting until I saw Rise and Shine on the web. I checked the picture over using the Artgallery testing website and really liked what I saw. The picture as shown on the web is vibrant. But, In reality it is even more so. It seems to pull the viewer in. I'm very happy with it and every intention of picking up some more in future. Yours, Adrian Lester I am a self taught artist living in the city of Brighton & Hove, East Sussex. Since setting out on my artistic and creative journey I have made many personal sacrifices to allow my work to progress and develop. My early work was generally non-representational and abstract in form, vibrant in colour and experimental. The spontaneous and energy sapping nature of the process I had developed, I worked one step from beauty and one step from disaster. I enjoy the elements of the unknown and the unpredictable within these works. Residing just a stones throw away from Hove beach and inspired by the sun rising and setting over the ocean, my 'On the Horizon' series of paintings are developing and incorporating my interest of textures within the works. My lastest highly textured paintings, which break away from the early abstract vibrancy, are inspired by events, emotions and feelings from periods of time within my personal life depicted within sometimes stark, barren, seascapes and beach scenes. The journey continues ... Inspiration From what I see and observe around me in the natural world. Things you see everyday and take for granted. The sun rising on a beautiful spring morning, the skies and colours above, the formation of the clouds, to the setting of the sun where the sky meets the sea. All these things create wonderful shapes and colours quite by chance, and if you're lucky enough you may find the time to stop and wonder at them. These are all inspirational to me, just take the time to observe and enjoy what is there. Because, within a whisper, it will be gone.


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