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United Kingdom

August 2018

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Martin piercy

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I am a professional artist living and working in Southsea, Portsmouth. I was best known for my surf and sea paintings but I am also very proud to be able to boast being one of the first people to start painting in this, much copied, style of wild grass painting - and am proud to have sold many paintings in this style to art lovers and collectors over many years. My nautical work is still popular, and I am selling my wave paintings to all parts of the world, but over the past few years of selling work from my own gallery and exhibitions, I have developed a love for modern floral work and the traditional challenge of human figure painting portraiture. What you get in a painting from me ... It is nice that a painting can take me on a journey to a place and time that was special or take the viewer to a place that we would like to be. A world of play and dreams that can come to life in a painting - I love it and any painting you buy from me will be special ... it will never be just a job for me


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