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United Kingdom

July 2014

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Martin Davey

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After some decades of working in commercial art/ TV using computer and traditional drawing skills, he began painting using natural media, in 2010. His work is largely representational in flavor and is mainly of landscapes, often marine subjects in nature. But he also paints subjects which he believes will make a good painting, so transport, architecture and animals often feature as well. His commercial art background has given him an eye for accuracy and attention to detail, as well as good draughtsman skills and colour/ compositional sense. Most of the work is done in oil paint. However sometimes acrylic paint is used if the subject will be better captured in that media.


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Really captured the tranquility of a bay.

Submitted by Simon M 17/02/2015


This is my 5 order and it's always been a perfect service. Highly recommended.

Submitted by Simon M 17/02/2015