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March 2014

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Mark Harris

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Mark is a London born self-taught artist who has lived most of his life in Dorset with a huge affection for the area. With over 30 years experience painting in all mediums, Mark grew up with either a pencil or paintbrush in his hand. Roaming through the countryside from a young age he spent many hours practicing and perfecting landscapes, trees and wildlife. He experimented with water colour and Indian ink for a while, painting many scenes of Dorset. Whilst he enjoyed capturing the landscape throughout all its seasonal changes Mark felt that he wasn't able to properly express emotion and feeling by simply recreating them. Abstract art came about after a move to Lanzarote where he lived for a couple of years. On this Spanish island there were no chocolate box cottages or trees to paint only stark and arid landscape in the most amazing colours. Lanzarote was also where he came across the artwork of famous artist/sculptor Cesar Manrique. Mark now paints large abstract pieces depicting his beloved Dorset countryside and coastline motivated by shapes and lines, creating form and texture. On occasions he his drawn back to London inspired by the buildings, bridges and urban city. Using various different media's and favouring acrylic, Indian ink and oils. Painting with bursts of energy leaves him with numerous canvases on the go all at the same time. His paintings are large and bold and make great statement pieces. Mark has already had successful exhibitions, his work is currently selling in London and New York plus he works closely with interior designers providing series of commissions.


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