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Society for All Artists Highly Commended
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United Kingdom

Medical sciences

April 2019

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The art of Marjan van der Kooi. Highly skilled, award winning and internationally selling artist. I am a Dutch Artist living in the South of England. Inspired by our beautiful coast, also by children, animals and nature. My favorite medium is watercolours and a strong second is acrylics, further oils and pastels are used a bit. I have no particular painting style and experiment with several, this keeps me interested and on my toes. Lately I have painted mostly with water colours. People have asked why I chose watercolour. Honestly, I think it was because of my not-so-great characteristic of being impatient! Watercolour paintings dry faster than oils. :) But I do love watercolour for its movement. All too often I've had what I thought at first to be a mistake while painting, then later I came to love that change that took place. In the past year I was so fortunate to make the illustrations for a few children's books. I enjoy being part of and lead our local art club. Further I am proud that my painting was selected by the SSA (Society for All Artists) and it received a Highly Commended.


Marjan's Art, the art of Marjan van der Kooi, accomplished artist and illustrator


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