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Art School of Applied Arts' Tryavna

November 2015

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Mariya Paunova

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My name is Mariya Paunova from Varna ,Bulgaria. I was graduated in art high school with specialization-Interior Design. I have worked as a decorator in wedding agency. I am currently assistant in the State Puppet Theater Varna. Art is the only thing for me, which I make with great pleasure. I believe in my talent and the positive energy, transmitted by my works. On July 1st 2014 I put on my first individual exhibition in Art- Center Tvorisimo in Varna.


Mariya Paunova has graduated from the 'Art School of Applied Arts' in Tryavna, Bulgaria. She has a distinctive style of painting, where expressive colours and boldness prevail. Her paintings are abstract and include landscapes, cityscapes, portraits and figures, all having an original impressionistic touch. What is special of her paintings is the fact that they can go deep under your skin with their warmth, empathy and sometimes they can tell you a story.


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Submitted by Andy A 04/01/2016