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August 2015

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Mariusz Kozak

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I am a self taught artist living in beautiful Ireland and I hope you will enjoy my works as much I enjoyed to create them. Most of my paintings are bold and colorful and I like to flow the composition with light and mood.. I really want my paintings to create an emotional impact...inviting people into my dreamy, optimistic, wonderful world...far away from the everyday worries.. I'm constantly overwhelmed by the simple beauty and uniqueness of everyday life. I am not ''afraid'' to work with..oils, watercolors, pastels but my favorite medium is oil, I love its versatility... I am inspired by great artists such as Monet, Sargent, Cezanne, Renoir, Van Gogh, Nicolae Grigorescu, Tonitza as well by the contemporary artists as Richard Smith, Bill Inman, Richard Robinson, Qiang Huang.


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