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Original paintings made of passion for color, shape and beauty


1998-2002 University Degree, Constanta, Romania
2015-2015 Intensive painting course,

May 2021

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Marinela Puscasu

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Known as Pacoshabe in the online art environment, Marinela is a contemporary painter who loves to paint the beauty of this world. Everything around her inspires her (simple things like a scarf, a flower, a bird, a smile) and helps her to spontaneously express her creativity. As a painter, she is driven by the passion for color, shape and beauty, the works of art revealing that this passion is the essence that gives enthusiasm and harmony. The paintings with fine and subtle lines, rich in contrasts and depth, urge the viewer to reflect on feelings such as fascination, sublime and innocence. To define her own style, she explored and approached different painting subjects and techniques, but eventually she chosen the floral art, created in an organic abstract style. These artworks have been presented in numerous exhibitions in her country and they are present also in international online galleries, reaching private collections in Europe and the USA. She feels that her goal and mission, as an artist, is to offer to the people the opportunity to make a dive into the colorful world of contemporary art through original, unique and modern paintings.


Collective expositions: 2018 - Tribute to spring - Constanta, Romania; 2017 - Chromatic vibes at Black Sea, Romanian Marine Museum, Romania; 2017 - Chromatic kaleidoscop, Constanta, Romania; 2015 - People and Portraits, Hall of I.N.Roman Library, Constanta, Romania; 2015 - Aviation day, Romanian Marine Museum, Constanta, Romania; 2014 - Dimitrie Stiubei-Marine painting competition, Bucharest, Romania.


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