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United Kingdom

February 2013

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Marilena Balint

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Is it art only about beauty? Could any artist define beauty? Has beauty always to be a characteristic of art? Is beauty a coordinate of the aesthetic? Could be aesthetic considered a science searching to define beauty only or art in all perceptions-colours, sounds, movements, words. How much do we know and how much we can see when searching for art? Should our art choice be always a search of beauty or perfect arrangement of known features of art? In my understanding, art is not always about beauty or perfection. Art is meant to bring out feelings and so to feed imagination and unfold new psychological experiences. To me, the fine works which make me escape from daily routine or the ordinary, which gives me freedom from habit could define ART. Should we use our knowledge of beauty and aesthetics to define the art we are searching for? Is beauty seen by the eye of knowledge? We tend to define the rules, categories and standards for beauty and put them on the same latitude with the art definition. However, the power to see must accompany the power to know what art is, otherwise ugliness and beauty cannot be distinguished. People are born with the gift of seeing art. Some of us even after a great deal of knowledge acquired, still cannot see art. This is because they have been not so fortunate like others. Ones can look for silenced isolation, or for solitude, others may look for energized states of a dynamic experience. Whatever expression of art one would look for, I feel that the harmony of an art work comes from the imbalance, from the beauty of imperfection which reflects the truth and so is able to open the communication between the artist and the viewer. I believe that imperfection is part of our existence. Our asymmetrical balance with the nature is a dynamic and beautiful thing and so I try to express it in my art. I invite you through my paintings to profundity and suggestion rather than revelation.


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