Maria Rogers |

Distinction from East Berkshire College 2003

United Kingdom

November 2014

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Maria Rogers

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Since 2013 Maria Rogers works from her studio at Wimbledon Art Studios, Earlsfield, London. The essence of her inspiration is in finding how to enclose her ideas within an artistic medium. She explores the creative possibilities of painting and sculpture, often experimenting with uncommon materials, such as wool, an example of which is her “Knitter’s Chair”. Maria is passionate about playing with mixed media when making a 3D art form. With painting, she seeks to amuse (her pop art) or perhaps intrigue, by creating a mood using a minimalist approach (her landscapes). The love for exploring mixed media and techniques arose during her studies at Windsor College (University of East Berkshire) from 2001-2003, where she received a Distinction in her final assessment. Among the materials used at Windsor were textiles and much later in her studio she developed the study of Klimt into “Klimt Lady” using the technique of patchwork and free-machine embroidery. Based on her background her artwork shows diversity of materials and approach. Her inspiration often comes through reading about other artists but just as her work is diverse, inspiration can come from anywhere, such as walking in a field (her landscapes), hearing a song (her jazz series) or memories (‘Knitter’s Chair and, currently, a work-in-progress: “The Knitter”). The challenge to her is in answering “How can I express this idea or mood….shall it be a painting, sculpture…..or even something else!” Exhibitions 2019 May Wimbledon Arts Open Studios November Wimbledon Arts Open Studios 2018 May Wimbledon Arts Open Studios September Society of Women Artists Mall Galleries, London 2017 May Wimbledon Arts Open Studios October Wimbledon Open Studios November South West Academy of Applied Arts, Devon 2016 May Wimbledon Open Studios October Wimbledon Open Studios August Summer Salon II, Candid Arts, London 2015 May Wimbledon Open Studios August Summer Salon II, Candid Arts, London 2014 October Wimbledon Open Studios



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