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United Kingdom

Fine Arts High school - Achitecture and Interior Design Diploma Certificate of professional competence - Draftsman for Arhitecture and Design Tibiscus University of Design and Visual Arts - Bachelor of Arts Degree

May 2019

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Maria Esmar

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I am a fine art painter, designer, creator. For me art is story telling. I bring the vision to life in spaces such homes or offices by creating an evocative story through colours, textures, patterns and forms that are full of beauty, peace and adventure, and more importantly soul. Each and every single project is a unique exploration of curiosity and experimentation. I love what I do! Intuition and psychology can play a large part in the artistic process. Finding harmony in many different perspectives and influences is key to a successful project. Spaces and the way they are designed along with the newest trends and old original masterpieces are equally what I call my ‘ MUSE ‘. I often start sketching my future projects however everything can change by the time I finish my artwork and I love that element of the process. It is often as much a beautiful mystery to me as it is to my clients. Being an abstract painter allows me to go beyond any inspiration someone can take from a physical reality, there is no limit when it comes to my imagination. During my 6 years of working as a designer and entrepreneur, I kept my focus on conveying the best experience anyone can get from my work and it still applies today. This is for me the ultimate sense of complexity, simplicity and overall completion.


Receptive, perceptive, innovative, unconventional—and my favourite, genuine.


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