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August 2013

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Maja Grecic

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Maja Grecic was born on July 8, 1968, in Belgrade, Serbia. She obtained the MFA degree in painting from the University of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1999 with a degree in painting. She is a member of The Serbian Fine Artists Association (ULUS), since 1994. Since 1989 she has taken part in many solo and group exhibitions both in Serbia, UK and Europe. She was an artist in residence at the "Cite Internationale des Arts", Paris, France, in 2000. She has received the Djurdje Teodorovic Fund award for the best drawing of "Evening nude" in 1990, and in 1992 the JIK Bank award for mosaic. Maja now lives and works in South Wales, UK "Every blade of grass, leaf, rock or water flowing, carries vibration of feelings, memories, love in the broadest sense, a link with the past and ancestors, a glimmer of a distant time events in the cosmos, a hint of eternity. Listening to the voice of internal intuition, these paintings are searching for those feelings, the myths of the past, once lived moment in space and time, and are looking for a connection between pre-state and the moment in which they arise. Tendency of the author is not to impose its own sensation of experienced in this process, but to encourage the contemplation and bring the viewer into the picture as a participant in the creative process, so that the image lives on and continues to develop in the eye of the beholder. Nature, whether it's an organic or non-organic world, in itself leads to contemplation. And there, in that inner world, the thoughtfulness that has no use for practical implementation, ultimately leads to creation." (The Artist)


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