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United Kingdom

January 2019

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Machale O'Neill

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I have always painted and sold the odd painting here and there as I worked in the field of Education. In 2017 I decided I had had enough of government statistics and games and decided to pursue my dream of being an artist. I hadn't studied art since my twenty's, when I spent a year at a Norwegian Folk School. So in 2017 I started exploring all the styles I had painted in since 1990's. I am very much a mood painter and this guides me towards acrylics or watercolours and sometimes mixed media with texture. The mood also influences whether I paint portraits or animals or my signature Dreaming Trees that often have my thoughts written all over. I built up a portfolio whilst visiting my sister in early 2018 in Canada. In October 2018 I started to sell online and in my first 6 months I sold 30 pieces, including 5 to USA, 5 to Slovakia, 10 to Canada,1 to Australia and 1 to Jamaica. I have no I have sold a mixture of Dreaming trees, landscapes, animals and portraits both acrylic and watercolour. Outside of the online platform the commissions continue to arrive and include all sorts of wonderful requests for animal portraits, dreaming tree and small originals on wood. I have found there is appreciation for my artwork and the reviews I have received, make the decision to take a leap of faith all the more worthwhile. It has spurred me on to paint more instinctively and politically and explore feelings and emotions in my work more and more. This is my life now and it is an opportunity to think and create in a way I have only ever dreamed of.



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