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December 2016

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Lynda Cockshott

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From being a young child I always loved to draw, after school my 11 GCE's included 3 in Art. I have subsequently attended many night school classes, and did 2 years part time at Blackpool art college. But the demands of a family and part time job meant I had little time to indulge in my favourite hobby. It was not until the boys left home that I started to take things seriously, whilst holidaying in U.S.A, with the help of a professional artist friend I finally produced a painting of an Orchid that I felt was good enough to hang on my own wall. ( I still treasure it !) That was the start of it. I now belong to a local Art Society where I continue to receive excellent help and advice. I have now sold well over 60 paintings, mainly in acrylic. I do like variety,and will have a go at many different styles and subjects, from the portrait of a horse named Alfie to my version of the giant " Snowflake Galaxy" as photographed by the Hubble telescope. Like many childrenI loved to draw, and I studied art at school, and later enjoyed many evening art classes. I did a foundation course at the local art college, but sadly could not continue due to work commitments , so I am largly self taught.. I studied art at school,and later did a foundation art course at the local college. Sadly I was unable to continue due to work commitments. When I finally retired, I joined an Art Society, which I have attended for the last ten years, where I have received excellent professional tuition to continue my art education. Thank you for your interest, and I hope that you will enjoy looking at my work as much as I have enjoyed painting it.



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Beautiful painting. Makes us happy to look at it.

Submitted by Customer 21/01/2019


Loved how you could browse by categories. Made choosing very easy.
Product : Beautiful painting. Makes us happy to look at it.

Submitted by Customer 21/01/2019