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United Kingdom

BA Hons - Kingston University

April 2017

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Luci Power

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My work develops from a love of drawing and I express myself by producing pieces that reveal the energy and marks used to create them. I love drawing animals and landscapes, and I also have an eye for life's (often overlooked) details and so I aim to inspire and captivate the viewer through conveying the beauty, humour or expression in these subjects. I am currently inspired by watercolour and pen and ink; mistakes cannot be hidden with these materials, and so I embrace the challenge of Watercolour and enjoy the erratic nature of dip pens as they catch and splatter across the page adding 'accidents' and unpredictability to my work. I trained in Interior Design at Kingston University and have designed award winning exhibitions, restaurants, and Theme parks. Throughout my 30+ years experience in the creative industry I never stopped drawing, I always had to be able to visually present my ideas for client approval, as well as produce the technical detail required to get something such as a medieval style ice cream cart built :) This drawing discipline stands me in good stead now as I continue to paint and draw as a full time fine artist from my studio at home.


Noticing and amplifying the extraordinary in the ordinary


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