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April 2017

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Luca Brandi

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I started with my master, at the age of 9, I helped him to create icons, in various churches in Florence, Italy, my paintings, reflects a soul travelling for centuries at the search of his past love...silence and the same time the spectator is invited to share this travel with own soul...materials are very important for me, due they are important to resist at the time, that's why I used only linen canvas, and aluminium reinforced wood stretchers, and Acrylic...this material is anti warp, and the best in the world. For any question please contact me. Education: At 9 yo started to paint icons in some churches around Florence At 18 yo started to learn the vision of abstraction At 24 yo first solo exhibition in a gallery Exhibitions: 1985 galleria Dada Firenze 1987 galleria La Spirale Prato 1987 Ken's Art Gallery Firenze 1989 ken's Art Gallery Firenze 1999 galleria La Corte Firenze 2001 galleria La Corte Firenze 2003 galleria immaginaria Firenze 2005 galleria immaginaria Firenze 2006 florence dance center 2007 Palazzo Spinelli Firenze 2008 galerie Nero Wiesbaden germany 2008 Galerie Bischoff Berlin 2010 Galerie Bischoff Berlin 2011 galleria immaginaria Firenze 2012 galleria immaginaria Firenze 2012 Fienilarte Pietrasanta 2012 Palazzo Rosso Genova 2013 galleria immaginaria Firenze 2013 Galerie Schiller Heidelberg Germany 2013 museo arte contemporanea Lucca 2015 Galleria Fienilarte Pietrasanta Lucca 2016 Galleria Fienilarte Bologna 2016 Galleria ZetaEffe Firenze


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