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United Kingdom

February 2018

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Lourdes Garcia Quintanilla

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I love painting since I can remember. I am a self taught artist. Professionally, I am a research technician. Last year, life led me to recover my passion, and it was then that I realize how much I love it and missed it. Since then, I keep improving myself because painting, as life, is always about growing up in order to be better. I also think it is important to be in touch with beauty and be able to express what everyone has inside. And that is what I feel when I paint. I take my inspiration from the Cotswolds. Living here (in the Cotswolds) let me enjoy Nature in whole its ways. It amazing how it is everywhere. I have began painting farm animals and pets, but I would like to try new subjects and mediums in the future. At the moment, I work in acrylic, pastel and charcoal. I really hope you enjoy my paintings and they provide you beauty and joy.


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