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Associate Member of Ulster Society of Women Artists USWA
Award winner at USWA summer exhibition
Member of the Shore Collective, A collective of artists in mid-Ulster
Visual Artists Ireland (VAI) Member

United Kingdom

Foundation Course Art and Design, Belfast Art College at University of Ulster
BA Hons Textile Design, Belfast Art College, University of Ulster
MSc Computer Science and Applications, Queens University, Belfast
MSc Informatics, University of Ulster

June 2020

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Louise Lennon

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I've painted for as long as I can remember, but it's only in recent years that I've pushed myself to paint professionally. I studied textile and print at art college and my fine art builds on those skills.


My technique involves building up layers with line drawing, batik, oil painting which has resulted in a unique and personal interpretation. Inspiration comes from the peaceful solitude that can be found in the barren Irish landscape, particularly Donegal and along the Atlantic coast. But also from walking the country lanes of rural Armagh where I grew up amid the rolling drumlins, ancient hedgerows, and derelict farms.


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