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United Kingdom

March 2013

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Louise Richards

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I have enjoyed drawing and painting from a young age. I took GCSE art at school and then went onto study art and design at college. Seeing artwork develop from a blank canvas or paper to the finished creation is amazing. With pencils I can get in lots of detail and achieve realistic results. With acrylics it is the bold bright colours that I love. I can build in texture with these too. I like to play with colour this can be very powerful. I am inspired by nature and the imagination of children. I surround myself in nature, notice what it feels like to watch the clouds, how the grass feels, what I can hear, how the mood of the day feels and reflect this in my artwork. I am reminded how beautiful nature can be, how big the world is and how small we are in comparison. I recall my own childhood adventures, the imagination of my own children and take inspiration from this. It really is endless. It is a wonderful feeling when people are drawn into my artwork, maybe because it tells a story. They might relate because it tells their story. The emotions they feel by absorbing my artwork can be what attracts them. Thank you for looking at my artwork, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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