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United Kingdom

February 2018

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Lizzy Agger

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Hi, thank you for stopping by to look at my page. I'm an English artist, based in east Lincolnshire, painting cityscapes, townscapes and figures in an impressionistic style using acrylic on canvas. My paintings are mostly inspired by my love of colour harmonies, the female figure and also dance and busy street scenes. I’m fascinated by shapes and colours. Sketching and painting has always been my main interest, even from the age of 3 or 4. When I grew up, I decided to enjoy colour and style through a career in photography, before returning to painting in recent years. In my spare time, I enjoy belonging to local art groups. I really love meeting all creative people. I also enjoy listening to 70s and 80s music and watching science fiction and murder mysteries. I also enjoy using shapes and colours in my garden.



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Submitted by John Estall 19/03/2019


Excellent picture and more than excellent service.

Submitted by John Estall 19/03/2019