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February 2021

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Liesl de Klerk

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After completing a degree in classical music I've developed a passion for capturing my thoughts and experiences visually, initially using oils but more recently water colours. Raising two kids and teaching music didn't leave me with much free time to explore my passion, but the wheel has now turned enough and I hope to bring a little joy into more homes than just those of friends and family. My work draws on the wonders of nature around me, as well as on numerous colourful travel experiences locally, in Europe, the East and Africa. My style has slowly developed over the years and has most definitely been influenced by the wonderful artist friends I've had the privilege to spend time with over the last decade.


I find inspiration in music, nature and colour.. fascinated by a flower opening to the first rays of dawn, the pitch perfect song of an unseen bird, a quite village scene before the day starts, and by how different people perform their day-to-day completely oblivious to the uniqueness, beauty and sometimes peculiarity of their actions.


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