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United Kingdom

BA HONS Fine Art, University of Hull

August 2009

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Lee Jenkinson

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Since completing my Fine Art degree in 2002 I have been working both full and part time as an artist. I have exhibited in numerous solo and group shows both nationally and locally as well as being employed as a public artist, completing murals and running workshops for various organisations. My work at present consists of two distinct practices, sculpture and organic painting. I tend to flit from one to the other to keep things fresh, but both types of work involve working freely with very little planning involved. The sculptures are loosely based around my childhood and are produced using hand tools. The materials I have to hand inform the compositions which tend to develop and change as the process of crafting goes on. My painting work is centered around the layering of numerous types of media with a finished result appearing organically. It is more about the process and materials than about the subject matter. Originally inspired by the methods of Michael Porter, I work with the canvas flat on the floor and add layer after layer of various types of paint and thinners, each layer being a reaction to the previous one, until a composition or subject suggests itself. I then work into this suggested form and develop a coherent image. I find this method of working much more exciting and physical than my previous way of painting and I find the thought processes involved much more stimulating giving me a greater connection to my work than I have ever had.



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