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United Kingdom

September 2015

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Laura Rodriguez

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Laura Rodriguez, known as Zira, is a Spanish artist who started creating and learning different techniques at the age of eleven. She has an University Degree in Fine Arts with double specialty: Painting and Sculpture, a Master's Degree in Arts Education and diplomas in Ornamentation, Drawing and Bronze Sculpture. She has shown her work in different exhibitions; among them, the most important were the exhibitions in Seville (Spain) in the most important art festival in the city (Festival Alamedeando), and the one in Paris in Les Deux Magots, one of the most emblematic venues in France. Her work is very versatile, with pieces which go from figurative to abstract art, always combining beauty and meaning that is often focused on social criticism. A distinguishing mark in her style is the use of textures in her pictures, combining paints and different materials.


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