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United Kingdom

June 2012

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Laura Hol

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Laura Hol is an enthusiastic up and coming young artist. Her bold, bright style is both modern and timeless and adds a ‘glow’ to any room. The vibrant colours and strong lines used in her paintings create an energetic intensity which is both uplifting and positive. Mainly self-taught baring a few technical drawing tutorials taken at the Welsh School of Architecture, Laura is not afraid to break the rules regarding subject matter, colour combinations, techniques and composition. Her unbiased, unstructured views help her work retain a fresh, previously unseen feel. Similarly her unusual photographs offer a different perspective of the world, highlighting subjects often overlooked. Everything is about seeing things slightly differently. Predominantly based in Berkshire Laura is often found dotted around the world gathering inspiration for her next painting. When not travelling she can be seen blogging, website updating, working on her freelance architectural business, taking photos or painting. It is a busy life but someone has to do it! Laura works in mixed media and acrylics, detailed drawings, digital artworks and has recently branched out into photography. She started out scribbling for friends, has progressed to a website and now sells her paintings worldwide.


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