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The artist is certified. J.A. Akoun com. 31.7.2022

United Kingdom

Art School 1978-1982 National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture Kiev 1986 graphic design.

October 2021

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Kostyantin Malginov

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Love of life in all its manifestations. What happens to find yourself. A look at the structure of silk, the movement of lines, the study of new forms.A color transition characteristic only of silk.Specific technique of execution. Unique materials.Search for new innovative solutions. A kaleidoscope of colors of the inner world. So a new project is born. Dreams of fantasy and reality, creating a space for dialogue with the viewer. Having moved to England in 2013. I was able to fully devot myself to creative development with the set goal , to bring a new vision to art. To achieve the most perfect quality of execution.


Graphic artist-illustrator. Inspired by the works of Kinusaga . Created his own unique technique combining the author's graphics, silk painting. Developing, using a special style of sewing stitching, achieving the reality of the image. Exclusive materials, silk, polyester, binding base and thread from the Brother company are used in the work. : to bring a new vision and achieve the highest quality of execution.


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