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April 2011

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Studied: Art/ Design, Media at Portsmouth University 1995-98 Qualified to teach Art 1999 UCE B-Ham Private sales (paintings) 2003 - 2014 International customers Landscape paintings Bare hill publishing book publication 2014 Private commission UK 2013 Parallax Art Fair, Chelsea, London October 2012 paintings Malvern Library Solo Exhibition 'Escape' A collection of Oil Paintings Spring 2012 Hadfield Fine Art Gallery Cheltenham UK, Spring, Autum, Winter 2008 - 2009 Group Exhibitions Indigo Arts Publishing 2007 Private Commission Italy 2006 Landscapes My landscape work aims to capture the essence of a place, The method is to work relatively freely, using colour and line to create a rhythmic composition. Echoes of impressionism are reflected in the work also with elements of naive art and abstract expressive painting. I work with thick textured paint applying to the surface in layers adding patterns, light and shade. Elements of my abstract work are found within the landscape painting. I am inspired by the natural world and its ever changing presence, the forms of trees, curves of land, beautiful and amazing skies. Places are special to me as they trigger memories of a moment or a time, whilst to the viewer a painting of a place can be somewhere wonder about, reflect upon and enjoy. Abstracts My abstract work has a more spontaneous nature, I work quickly and use a variety of methods, layering, scrapping, throwing and flicking paint as well as scratching into the surface. Some abstracts are complete in one working session, whilst others take months, sometimes years to create as different elements are composed together to create to final piece. I like to combine mark making with elements of control, sometimes adding paper collage and working over the top. Abstracts explore themes of nature whilst also references to life events be they personal or social reflections. My abstract work relies more on my instinct as an artist I work on a painting without any pre-conceived ideas. Working to music has a profound influence on my working method.


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