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United Kingdom

December 2019

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Kimberly French

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Studied fashion at college involved alot of design work and illustration and did art self taught from primary on wards. Was offered exhibition space at Brick lane gallery in 2013 and selected from 2000 artists to 500 at open art outside in art competition charity organisation for up and coming artists back in around 2012. To me anything is art when something creative was behind that creation. Only now would like to make a living out of it as a overall future aim that one day I can literally just do Art. I like my art to be accessible for all people from background and economic status. Am inspired by spiritual well being and cultural themes. Everything I have learnt in my life with studies I am creative enough to apply that to my work. I hope to touch people and sometimes take thoughts to another place.


"Art is not what you see but what you make others see" Degas


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