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United Kingdom

August 2012

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Kevin Mctomney

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I get a huge amount of satisfaction out of painting, and it is equally rewarding when somebody connects with a painting of mine. I like to translate states of energy and emotion into my pieces, be it tranquillity or rage, vulnerability or strength. I also enjoy establishing a sense of narrative, of a journey as yet incomplete. Born in a Hampshire garrison town I have lived a peripatetic life, living in five countries as disparate as Indonesia and the USA. Like many Britons, I love a good desert, but nothing beats a great ocean beating on a rocky shore. These days I've taken to collecting children rather than stamps in my passport, and I paint from my studio at home in mid-Wales, surrounded by my perfect inspirations of sea and mountains, and a happy little spaniel called Clive. I mainly paint in oils, but for my illustrations and drawings I use acrylics, watercolours, charcoal and pen and ink. In the past I have walked an illustrative path, focusing on the detail of a completely accurate view while others are completely free sessions where I sit down at the canvas and just see what comes out, but now I instead look to translate what I feel and not what I see. I have exhibited in Bath, Wiltshire and York and my paintings part of private collections in the UK, Continental Europe, Australia and the USA.


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