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United Kingdom

October 2014

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Kevin Houghton

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As a child he loved to watch his great grandad paint old sail ships on the rough seas. He took on various jobs to support himself until one day he watched another artist painting. This was enough to flood memories of his great grandad back to his mind and set him a course of a new love, ART! He could not stop painting. If he ever ran out of canvas he would paint on anything he could get his hands on, old door boards, glass, cupboard panels, and the list went on! He would try all different subject's and techniques until he finally settled into his own style. Kevin did not really think much of his paintings, he just loved to paint. It was only until his locals noticed his work and started buying them did he decide to take it more serious. He loves the great outdoors and beautiful skies, which can easily be seen in his art. Kevin's moto? "Art must start with emotion"


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